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Grammy Winner, Winfield International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion

Doug Smith, Laurence Juber, Ed Gerhard, Al Petteway, David Cullen, Pat Donohue, Mark Hanson, Mike Dowling, Aaron Stang, Wayne Johnson, William Coulter, Armit Sond


Released: 2004 – Label: Solid Air Records

Grammy Award Winner 2005!!

A dozen of the world’s greatest instrumental Acoustic Guitarists tackle the most beloved melodies of legendary composer Henry Mancini. From the brilliance of Grammy Winning guitarist Laurence Juber’s phenomenal display on the Pink Panther Theme to Ed Gerhards lovely arrangement of the classic Moon River….this collection will tickle your funny bone and touch your heart. Mancini’s melodies are so strong they adapt well to solo guitar whether it be steel string or nylon acoustic ….and the finale is a brilliant duet on A Shot In the Dark.


Released: Dec. 2003 – Label: Solid Air Records

“Contemporary Instrumental Guitar” Multi Angle Instructional DVD. Smith brings his classical guitar degree and his experience in an award winning Rock band to bear in his compositions. Lesson tunes: “Crest of the Revolution” “Order of Magnitude” “Out Of The Darkness” “Renewal” “Sunday Sonata” and “The Tempest”. BONUS tune “August 23rd”. Special multi-angle feature: isolate either the right or left hand!

If you’re a fan of solo guitar, you need this DVD. Doug’s various influences come together to produce some of the most striking and beautiful solo guitar arrangements ever heard. With a background in classical guitar and composition, and a rock band honored by Musician magazine as the finest in the country, Doug Smith brings diverse influences to his contemporary instrumentals. On this DVD, Doug performs and teaches six of his most popular compositions. In the special lesson sections, Doug walks you through the key aspects and techniques required for each arrangement, and you can select from multiple camera angles: watch the full performance or see a close-up of his right or left hand. In addition, one bonus song performance is included.

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Released: 1984 – Label: Raven’s Head Records

Doug’s very first recording! Recorded in 1984 and only distributed in Southern CA, on LP only. Very rare and an amazing insight into this phenomenal songwriter and guitarist. Each piece is raw and powerful! Very reminiscent of early John Renbourn. A combination of mostly solo recordings and a few ensemble. Awesome! 


“The possibility of expressing something unique and then being able to technically achieve a style on an instrument as popular and widely used as the guitar, is a rare distinction today. The goal of a serious guitarist is to find that certain attitude that makes each individual’s music sound different. Everybody imitates until they can originate, yet the process of distilling influences into a style could take a lifetime for most. Doug Smith is one of few musicians that has found that something special and the technique with which to communicate it.” –Carl Verheyen (Producer), January 1984


Available on LP! Contact Lenore Hayes at

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