Guitar Duo – by: Leonard & Smith Guitar Duo

Released: 2015 – Label: Leonard & Smith Guitar Duo

Doug’s second entirely solo album – but this time self-produced!

What happens when “musical worlds collide” and a classical guitarist & acoustic fingerstlye guitarist, each known as virtuosos in their field, form a duo?
The refinement of Chopin meets the “country twang” of Chet Atkins, the polyphony of Bach meets the “groove” of Gershwin, Spanish Dances and the Jazz of Pat Metheny are heard during a single performance.

When Andrew Leonard & Doug Smith first met in 2000 they discovered an admiration for each other’s guitar playing. interests. Their “instant friendship” and many shared musical interests encouraged them to experiment with ways to combine their different training, repertoire and guitar styles.

The result is a break from the traditional guitar duo where both guitarists are playing in the same genre of music with the same style of guitar.

Instead, Andrew & Doug’s “interwoven nylon and steel string sound” blends the warmth of a classical guitar and the steel string sustain of an acoustic guitar. Each player’s part is chosen based on the style of music being played and the type of guitar sound best suited for each moment in a piece.