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‘Another Guitar For Christmas’

Contemporary Instrumental Solo Fingerstyle Guitar (Doug Smith) – November 2013

‘Guitar Confluence LIVE’ CD & DVD Combo

Contemporary Instrumental Fingerstyle Guitar Duets (Doug Smith & Mark Hanson) – February 2013

Guitar Duo

Released: 2015 – Label: Leonard & Smith Guitar Duo

Doug’s second entirely solo album – but this time self-produced!

What happens when “musical worlds collide” and a classical guitarist & acoustic fingerstlye guitarist, each known as virtuosos in their field, form a duo?

The refinement of Chopin meets the “country twang” of Chet Atkins, the polyphony of Bach meets the “groove” of Gershwin, Spanish Dances and the Jazz of Pat Metheny are heard during a single performance.

When Andrew Leonard & Doug Smith first met in 2000 they discovered an admiration for each other’s guitar playing. interests. Their “instant friendship” and many shared musical interests encouraged them to experiment with ways to combine their different training, repertoire and guitar styles.

The result is a break from the traditional guitar duo where both guitarists are playing in the same genre of music with the same style of guitar.

Instead, Andrew & Doug’s “interwoven nylon and steel string sound” blends the warmth of a classical guitar and the steel string sustain of an acoustic guitar. Each player’s part is chosen based on the style of music being played and the type of guitar sound best suited for each moment in a piece.

Leonard & Smith Guitar Duo | Guitar Duo

Click here to listen to a 2-mintue sampler of the Cd on YouTube
ANOTHER GUITAR FOR CHRISTMAS Released: 2013 – Label: Solid Air Records1. Sleigh Ride
2. The Christmas Song
3. The Nutcracker: Dance of The Reed Pipes
4. Christmas Time Is Here
5. O Christmas Tree
6. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
7. Silent Night
8. The Nutcracker: Russian Dance
9. Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming
10. Hark the Herald Angel’s Sing/Once in Royal David’s City
11. Infant Holy/ Holly and the Ivy
12. Mark of the three Kings/ We Three Kings
13. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
14. Masters In This Hall
15. Ave Maria



Released: 2013 – Label: Solid Air Records

Smith and Hanson are clearly having fun on “Guitar Confluence,” a live performance CD/DVD of contemporary steel string acoustic fingerstyle guitar in the trajectory of Michael Hedges, Alex de Grassi, and Leo Kottke. The guitarists play together as if they have forever. In fact, they released their first duo album in 2001 and both appeared, as soloists and a duo, on Grammy-winning “Pink Guitar” in 2005 (their duet “A Shot in the Dark” is included here). “Guitar Confluence” is quite varied, with inventive renditions of many pop turns, including a set of Beatles songs, a slip gig, a Hawaiian slack key offering (“Waimea Canyon”) and the terrific “Dyerville Giant,” titled for a giant redwood tree, which features propulsive percussive tapping. The pieces are on the short side, but the advantage that this allows the musicians to showcase many styles and techniques, including a few jazz and blues stylings. One of the most exciting is the Celtic-sounding “Masters in This Hall,” with wild rhythmic strumming and fast fingerwork. The two solos on the CD – a rendition of “Ava Maria” (in which Smith reveals his classical training) and Hanson’s version of traditional “The River Is Wide” – are especially lovely. The album comes to a close with the jaw dropping “Jerry’s Breakdown,” a fitting conclusion to a strong collection, which also comes with a bonus DVD.
© Céline Keating (Minor 7th.com)


Released: 2012 – Label: Solid Air Records

Often, the sum of an artistic endeavor is greater than its parts. I would argue that both sum and parts of “Six-String Paradox” offer a glimpse (or listen) into Doug Smith’s enormous talent, sonic heart and expressive soul. These parts include five new originals, two new stripped down interpretations of previously released tunes (one original, one arrangement), new classical gems, a spot-on duet of Debussy’s “Clair De Lune” featuring Smith and himself, an arrangement from a Mark Mancina film score, plus a medley of television themes songs from American TV of the 1960s… including the “Theme from Mr. Ed” for pity’s sake! Consider track three, “Magic Serenade” from American Composer Bryan Johanson. It is a study in paradox in and of itself. Smith teases with a delicate oriental-tinged intro before drifting into a lilting and enchanting melody that is infused with what feels like the delightful dancing of woodland fairies before settling into a medieval-esque mood, revisiting those teasing open lines, and eventually resolving into a crescendo of deft fretwork that is at once magical and mystical. It is seemingly absurd that these astutely played phrases and melodies could hang together as a whole, but they do with such enchanting grace. Smith’s powerful groove-laden redo of “Two-Handed Paradox” which follows pulls us in an entirely different direction with a force that counterbalances the delicateness of track three. My favorite tracks are Smith’s baroque flavored “The Blue Duchess Of Orange” and Fernando Bustamante’s oft-performed “Misionera”; the latter is a testament to Smith’s impeccable speed, touch and accuracy. He reminds us of just how mesmerizing this melody can be. Smith doesn’t shy away from influences or pieces that are standard repertoire for studied guitarists, and offers them juxtaposed with decidedly eclectic and incongruent works embracing all and endowing them with his superlative execution, touch and sense of tone. It is this convergence of eclecticism and artistry that makes “Six-String Paradox” an utterly enjoyable listening adventure from Doug Smith the paradox-ician! © James Filkins (Minor7th.com)


Released: 2012 – Label: Self Produced, Doug Smith Exective Producer


Released: 2010 – Label: Solid Air Records

From the CD Liner: Our world has become so very precarious that it’s often a comfort to have someone else help with the “heavy lifting” of one’s soul. How lovely it would be if we could had the musical side of this job over to Doug Smith whenever our hearts are heavy and our ability to keep the faith is weak. Doug’s heartfelt renditions of these traditional hymns are a perfect way to uplift the heart, soul & spirit.

1 Faith Of Our Fathers 3:11
2. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God 3:46
3. Blest Be The Tie That Binds 3:38
4. What A Friend We Have In Jesus 5:07
5. All Things Bright And Beautiful 2:41
6. Holy Holy Holy 3:08
with Judy Koch Smith, flute
7. Shaker Suite 7:18
a. Come To Zion
b. By Freedom Invited
c. I Never Did Believe
d. Simple Gifts
8. Blessed Assurance 3:21
9. Christ The Lord Is Risen Today 4:29
10. What Wondrous Love Is This 4:05
11. I Know That My Redeemer Lives 3:58
12. Just As I Am/Be Thou My Vision 3:52
with Judy Koch Smith, flute
13. In The Garden 3:50

Doug Smith is in the top echelon of modern fingerstyle players. His past recorded output mixes originals and covers of popular music, but, on this CD, he applies his masterful arranging skills to a selection of beloved hymns. The set begins with “Faith of Our Fathers,” in which Smith plays the melody over pulsing drone before switching to counterpoint in the second section. “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” features tapping on the bass strings, which Smith uses to intensify the piece’s rhythm. He begins “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” in a classical setting, then modulates to a new key and plays the tune over an alternating bass, throwing in some jazzy chords that evoke Merle Travis and Chet Atkins. “Holy, Holy, Holy” is one of two duets between Smith and his wife, flautist Judy Koch Smith. His “Shaker Suite” medley includes octave playing, a jig, and a tune in a minor key before concluding with the perennial favorite, “Simple Gifts.” Every piece bears Smith’s personal touch, from the displaced melody that ends “What a Friend We Have in Jesus,” to presenting a melody alternately in the bass and treble registers, as he does in “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.” The CD concludes with a beautiful rendition of “In the Garden.” In his approach to sacred music, Smith resembles another great fingerstyle player, El McMeen, e.g., choosing primarily American hymns and using altered chords to add emotional weight. Smith plays a bit more forcefully than McMeen and reaps dividends with a more studied approach, in contrast to the other guitarist’s more folksy arranging. But why bother with comparisons when you can listen to both of them? Guitar Hymnal is a devotional statement that offers wonderful listening and plenty of fodder for guitarists. It could easily become his most popular album. A companion instructional book/DVD is forthcoming.
© Patrick Ragains (Minor7th.com)


Released: 2007 – Label: Solid Air Records

Dougs latest collection of original material….well almost all original material! Fingerpicking Champion Doug Smith’s latest….Guitar Parts has some of his most intricate and fun compositions and a cover ….done solo….of the Theme From …”The Magnificent Seven” that will have guitarists absolutely dumbfounded and listeners tapping their feet and humming along! Many of the original songs featured on this album were previously released on American Gramaphone’s Day Parts albums (see below) and now are provide in a newly recorded collection.

Ante Up
Originally appeared as Ante Meridiem on the American Gramaphone CD “DayParts:
Sunday Morning Coffee II.”

Gentle Giant
Originally appeared as The Charitable Charlatan on the American Gramaphone CD “DayParts: Dinner.”

Your Valentine
Originally appeared as Barbara’s Valentine on the American Gramamphone CD “DayParts: Romance.”

Hold On
Originally appeared as Don’t Let Go on the American Gramamphone CD “DayParts”: Romance II.”

Sunday Sonata
Originally appeared on the American Gramaphone CD “DayParts: Sunday Morning
Coffee”, also as an ensemble on the Doug Smith CD “Labyrinth”, and as a duet
with Mark Hanson on “Acoustic Guitar Summit.”

At The Boardwalk
Originally appeared as On The Boardwalk on the American Gramaphone CD “DayParts: Sunday Morning Coffee”.

Waltz For Sara
Originally appeared as Broken Waltz on the American Gramaphone CD “DayParts: Dinner.”

50 Years Ago
Originally appeared as After 50 Years on the American Gramaphone CD “Dayparts: Romance II.”

Saturday Sunrise
Originally appeared as Sunday Sunrise on the American Gramaphone CD “Dayparts: Sunday Morning Coffee II”

“Doug Smith is a classically-trained musician who composes most of his material and performs on steel-string guitar. He won the Winfield International Fingerstyle Competition in 2006 and is in Solid Air’s top echelon of players. Many of the pieces on this disc first appeared on American Gramaphone’s Day Parts albums, but are newly recorded and retitled here (for publishing reasons). The opening “Ante Up” illustrates Smith’s approach — clear melodies supported by well-developed chords and contrapuntal lines in the middle and bass registers. Smith fully develops each arrangement with contrasting rhythms and key changes that attract the listener’s attention, but always sound “right.” His sound is bright, but not harsh, and a close listen suggests he uses either quite a bit of fingernail or picks. The whimsical “Night of the Raccoons” recalls “Teddy Bears’ Picnic.” “Your Valentine” is one of the strongest pieces on the CD, with a melody that wends through several registers, complemented by gentle arpeggios. “Springtime” follows, evoking the optimism and uplift that comes with the season. I was surprised to hear Elmer Bernstein’s “Magnificent Seven” (although now I can’t get the Marlboro cigarette commercial that used it out off my head), but Smith plays the piece with his usual mastery. As expected, “Sor Phalanges” recalls Spanish classical guitar — down to its bones (pun intended). On the haunting “Waltz for Sara,” Smith states the melody flawlessly over an ascending bass line. Two double-tracked duets, “Ave Maria/Can’t Help Falling in Love” and “Arabesque,” add variety to the program. “Arabesque” is the more classically-oriented of the two duets and features exquisite interplay between his two parts. The CD ends with “Saturday Sunrise,” which is perfectly titled, due to its unhurried, reflective mood. Doug Smith is a master composer and musician. I hope this disc gains him a higher profile among guitar aficionados.”
© Patrick Ragains (Minor7th.com)



Released: 2007 – Label: Solid Air Records

Fingerpicking Champion and GRAMMY winner Doug Smith’s second Holiday release is “A Guitar For Christmas” and features…

O Come All Ye Faithful
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
O Holy Night
Carol of the Bells
The First Noel
Coventry Carol
Ding Dong Merrily on High
Away in a Manger
Veni Veni Emmanuel
Christ is Born
Still, Still, Still
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
What Child is This

HEAR SAMPLES ON AMAZON: A Guitar For Christmas

‘Henry Mancini ~ Pink Guitar’


Winner for Best Pop Instrumental Album!!!!

amazing players from Solid Air Records!


Released: 2007 – North Quest

Doug was contracted to do this album of 20 Elton John songs, and it is exquisite! The arrangements are truly Doug Smith and the engineering is beautiful. This is a must-have for any Doug Smith fan!

Doug arranged and recorded all 20 tracks in just 2 weeks!! This is a 2CD set for only $11.18!!

AMAZON: Elton John – Instrumental Hits


Released: Dec. 2003 – Label: Solid Air Records <

“Contemporary Instrumental Guitar” Multi Angle Instructional DVD. Smith brings his classical guitar degree and his experience in an award winning Rock band to bear in his compositions. Lesson tunes: “Crest of the Revolution” “Order of Magnitude” “Out Of The Darkness” “Renewal” “Sunday Sonata” and “The Tempest”. BONUS tune “August 23rd”. Special multi-angle feature: isolate either the right or left hand!

If you’re a fan of solo guitar, you need this DVD. Doug’s various influences come together to produce some of the most striking and beautiful solo guitar arrangements ever heard. With a background in classical guitar and composition, and a rock band honored by Musician magazine as the finest in the country, Doug Smith brings diverse influences to his contemporary instrumentals. On this DVD, Doug performs and teaches six of his most popular compositions. In the special lesson sections, Doug walks you through the key aspects and techniques required for each arrangement, and you can select from multiple camera angles: watch the full performance or see a close-up of his right or left hand. In addition, one bonus song performance is included.

NOW AVAILABLE, a complete guitar Tab Transcription Book/CD containing 12 complete songs, including all the songs from this DVD!

[A few misprints have been noted in the tab book. Click here to get the corrections.]
Click Here to view “Order of Magnitude” from the DVD.

Click to see enlargement. The TAB book has a matching cover.


Released: 2002 – Label: Solid Air Records

Doug’s second entirely solo album – but this time self-produced!

Instrumental acoustic guitar wizard Doug Smith follows up his recent duo project with Mark Hanson with this collection of all new compositions featuring only his acoustic guitar. Beautiful ballads sit next to brilliantly played up tempo exercizes all featuring Smith’s unique and unforgettable melodic sense.

“One of the best-kept secrets of the music world is a magically talented fingerpicker with the oh-so-common name of Doug Smith. Sounds like the boy next door, right? Well, this Doug Smith doesn’t sound like any boys I grew up next to. Smith is a weaver of beautiful melodies who plays as clean as anyone recording guitar today, and based on his previous recordings, shouldn’t enjoy such anonymity. “Alone Again” is Smith’s sixth release. He has done great duo work with Paul Chasman and Mark Hanson, but this is only his second record featuring just him and one guitar. His compositional strengths – belying a classical guitar background – come through on every one of the 12 tracks of the CD. The opener, “Beyond the Clouds” shows Smith’s ability to dance over a melody line while developing multiple voices. Fingers flash on “Out of the Darkness”, but as he drives us through, his touch is never out of control, so he keeps us with him for the entire ride. His playing jumps easily from Celtic-tinged pieces like “Dance of the Gnomes” to the tapping of “Millennium Force” to the Travis-picking “South Run”. He paints a wonderful version of Turlough O’Carolan’s “The Right Reverend John Hart”, agonizing over the melancholy yet sweet tune. Sometimes, you’re left wondering if you’re hearing just one guitar; other times you’re glad it’s just one. Doug Smith may not be the boy next door, but hopefully he’ll soon be as well known. ©Kirk Albrecht – www.minor7th.com

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Released: 2002 – Label: Solid Air Records

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Highlighting each of Doug’s solo CDs with a couple of enticing Bonus Tracks for those who already own the entire output of this innovative and brilliant musician. This is a great place to sample his unique talents for those who haven’t yet experienced Doug’s wonderful acoustic instrumental prowess.

“Doug Smith’s guitar playing can be summed up by this phrase: impressive technique at the service of highly melodic and memorable tunes. Solid Air Records has been honored to be able to help Doug’s music reach out into the world. This collection is merely the tip of the iceberg as far as Doug’s catalog of tunes is concerned and we hope you check out his other titles as well. To keep this new collection suitably special, it includes a couple of memorable new songs and a version of “Take 5” which will have players clamoring for tab.”

Read an interview with Doug about the re-release of Order of Magnitude and Labyrinth.

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Released: 2001 – Label: Solid Air Records

Duo album with fellow Acoustic Guitar Summiter, Mark Hanson!

<This all-instrumental fingerstyle guitar CD features 13 tunes, 11 of which were composed by the Doug and Mark. Highlights include the powerful title tune; the bass-riff-driven tour-de-force “Dyerville Giant”; the serene Hawaiian slack-key composition “Waimea Canyon”; and the playfully complex “Run Amok.” Also featured are Mark’s reworking of the John Renbourn classic guitar duet “Snap a Little Owl,” and Doug’s beautiful arrangement of “Nights in White Satin.” All 13 tunes feature Doug and Mark’s meticulously intertwined fingerpicking, with some hotshot jamming thrown in for good measure.

“Mark and Doug have set a new standard for guitar duet playing.”
— Tommy Emmanuel, C.G.P.

“Fingerstyle guitarists Mark Hanson and Doug Smith are good friends who have played together for some time, but this is the first time they have composed and arranged an entire CD of duets together. Hanson’s contributions reflect his eclectic interests, from the languid Hawaiian slack-key piece “Waimea Canyon” to the lively jig “Ryan Time.” Fans of Smith’s solo work will enjoy the pastoral “Confluence” and the jazzy and mysterious “The Long Wait.” The playing is first-rate, but the seamless interplay of the two guitars is what makes this CD shine.” — Matthew Haavisto, AcousticGuitar.com

“Doug and Mark are individually great guitar players. Put them together and the sum is greater than the parts. From the lyricism of Confluence to the hard-core beat of Dyervill Giant and two part version of Doug’s masterpiece, Renewal (II) their guitar sing and complement each other. This CD has spent more than its share of time in my player.” –Charlie from Portland

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Released: 2000 – Label: Solid Air Records

An album of beautiful arrangements of classic Christmas and winter carols and songs. All solo guitar, Doug turns his arranging skills on Holiday favorites with Christmas Guitar. A playful blend of classical “Jesu Joy” by Bach and traditional “Deck the Halls”intertwined with a frolicking version of “Winter Wonderland” and followed by a very “danceable” version of “Christmas in Killarney” and a very clever “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”. All this makes for a collection destined to be a Holiday classic.

Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine
“It is Smiths remarkable ability on beautiful emotion-packed ballads that puts Smith on a short list of guitarists whose music is enjoyed equally by guitarists and non-guitarists as well.”

Billboard Magazine

“Inviting Melodies, Stunning fingerpicking!”


Salt Lake City Daily

“Fans of Acoustic Music will enjoy this album, which has a nice flow.”


The Oregonian

“Familiar songs, most of ’em, but beautifully played by an excellent fingerstyle guitarist (based in Portland) in such a way as to remind us why these pretty old tunes have become classics.”

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Released: 1998 – Label: Solid Air Records

Doug’s first TOTALLY solo album!

Masterful compositions, stunning musicality, all new tunes! Produced by Laurence Juber. He’s been cited by Billboard for his “inviting melodies” on various compositions.

“Few players traverse such extremes as well as Smith does on this, his solo debut” –Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine

As Doug said to me, “Yes, it’s entirely solo acoustic. It’s not a laid back CD, though. It’s a lot of rather in-your-face fingerpicking, and there’s only one really slow tune on it. I love it, and I’m going to be interested to hear what other folks think!” The album has been received with rave reviews. Can’t recommend it highly enough!

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Released: 1995 – Label: Honest Records

A nice selection of certain tracks from Doug’s first 2 albums, Order of Magnitude and Labyrinth. Currently out of print.

Find a used copy on Amazon (see link below) — get one before they’re all gone!

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Released: 1995 – Label: Honest Records

A combination of solo recordings and enseble. Some beautiful compositions and arrangements on this one!! Unfortunetly, this one is out of print as well (can still be found in some of the racks at Barnes & Noble and Border’s), BUT once again, thanks to AMR, bonus tracks from this album will be added to the re-released Order of Magnitude and Labyrinth albums!!! Currently out of print. Used copies available on Amazon, see the link below. Get one while you can – this is a must-have Doug Smith album!!

“Acoustic guitar enthusiasts have another reason to celebrate this month as Doug Smith brings his strong-picked technique to a range of styles on Deep Heart (Honest Entertainment HON CD 1011; 43:37). Utilizing sparse arrangements highlighting percussion, Smith plays with strong dynamics on originals like the tapping folk-inspired “Two Handed Paradox” and “The Rose and the Pearl,” a resonant piece of musical storytelling which for all its exploration keeps a main anchoring hook throughout. Smith’s best work digs deeply into traditional forms-the Irish flavor of “The Jig is Up” moves forward with a dark undertone, showing an impressive range of feeling, for example. “Mystic Morning” swathes a heavy, almost tribal drumbeat in hard-played folk chords for a majestic cadence. Smith proves adept at song reinvention as well, as his intricate picked background envelops the haunting melody “I Only Have Eyes for You.” –Hilarie Grey, Jazz Times

“This acoustic guitarist’s warm-hearted, intricate yet simple, complex yet accessible debut should be the textbook example of how to produce a big sound with minimal instrumentation and without the need for synthesized trickery. Much like Tuck Andress or Stanley Jordan, who could build a musical fortress out of six strings, Smith begins with a limber double fisted rhythm and melody approach on his acoustic. Often, that and little whims are all he needs to create an utterly hypnotic effect. But on occasion, he’ll toss in some reverb on Duncan Moore’s drum or extend Chris Vitas’ violin for an atmosphere that extends beyond a small chamber. Ronn Satterfield’s keyboard enhancements come in handy at times as well. But more often than not, Smith keeps the attention focused on his almost circular string style, which expands upon original melodies with a jazzy-folk flair. His original compositions will grow on you, but till they do, it is easiest to focus on his arrangements of a perfect choice of covers, “Nights in White Satin, ” “Ebb Tide, ” “I Swear” and “I Only Have Eyes For You”. If simplicity with a big sound was what Smith was after, he succeeds. On the other hand, the sparseness may take some getting used to for casual listeners who need a familar drum program, sax or soundscape to gain full enjoyment of their contemporary jazz.” — Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide

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Released: 1992 – Label: American Gramaphone

Re-Released: 2000 – Label: Solid Air Records

A combination of solo recordings and ensemble. Also until recently, out of print, BUT thanks to Acoustic Music Resource, it was re-released in March of 2000! Read an interview with Doug about the re-release of Order of Magnitude and Labyrinth.

“This talented guitarist regards his instrument as “an orchestra in a box,” as he applies symphonic leanings to his intricate compositions. On Labyrinth, his second release, he manages to extend the tonal nuances of the steel string guitar, displaying an acoustic artistry that is catchy and refreshing. The use of skilled sidemen such as violinist Darol Anger, flutist Steve Kujala and percussionist Mike Spiro adds to a few tracks. The production by Checkfield’s John Archer brings a multi-dimensionality to the project. Some of the cuts are portraits of pensive moods, like “Lost in the Here and Now.” Others celebrate the joyous discovery of newfound expression and possibilities, such as the appropriately named “When the Walls Fell.” “Blueskies Mt. Hood” is vast and spacious, while the title track has a chamber-like feel. Described as a combination of Chet Atkins, Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges, Doug Smith has laid down an amazing hybrid he calls Labyrinth, worthy of further exploration and hours of pleasurable listening for guitar aficionados from any musical direction.”
— Backroads Music/Heartbeats

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Released: 1991 – Label: American Gramaphone

Re-Released: 2000 – Label: Solid Air Records


Doug’s first professional recording. A combination of solo recordings and ensemble. Until recently, out of print, BUT thanks to Acoustic Music Resource, it was re-released in March 2000!!


“Doug Smith is not just another guitarist. His style is uniquely his own and is very impressive. Bruce Becvar fans will be impressed as well. This recording features 4 solo guitar cuts, and 7 others with additional instrumentation such as keyboard, flute, congas, violin and bass.” — MusD


Read an interview with Doug about the re-release of Order of Magnitude and Labyrinth.


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Released: 1984 – Label: Raven’s Head Records

Doug’s very first recording! Recorded in 1984 and only distributed in Southern CA, on LP only. Very rare and an amazing insight into this phenomenal songwriter and guitarist. Each piece is raw and powerful! Very reminiscent of early John Renbourn. A combination of mostly solo recordings and a few ensemble. Awesome! Sadly, unavailable.


“The possibility of expressing something unique and then being able to technically acheive a style on an instrument as popular and widely used as the guitar, is a rare distinction today. The goal of a serious guitarist is to find that certain attitude that makes each individual’s music sound different. Everybody imitates until they can originate, yet the process of distilling influences into a style could take a lifetime for most. Doug Smith is one of few musicians that has found that something special and the technique with which to communicate it.” –Carl Verheyen, January 1984


Out of print… :(



Doug Smith, Laurence Juber, Ed Gerhard, Al Petteway, David Cullen, Pat Donohue, Mark Hanson, Mike Dowling, Aaron Stang, Wayne Johnson, William Coulter, Armit Sond

Released: 2004 – Label: Solid Air Records

Grammy Award Winner 2005!!

A dozen of the world’s greatest instrumental Acoustic Guitarists tackle the most beloved melodies of legendary composer Henry Mancini. From the brilliance of Grammy Winning gutiarist Laurence Juber’s phenomenal display on the Pink Panther Theme to Ed Gerhards lovely arrangement of the classic Moon River….this collection will tickle your funny bone and touch your heart. Mancini’s melodies are so strong they adapt well to solo guitar whether it be steel string or nylon acoustic ….and the finale is a brilliant duet on A Shot In the Dark.

Henry Mancini is forever…few popular composers have stuck so many great tunes in our heads. So Solid Air Records asked a dozen great guitarists to pick a classic Henry Mancini tune and whip up an equally classic solo guitar arrangement. Some hookups seemed obvious…the incredible Pink Panther Theme was a perfect match for Laurence Juber’s outrageous playing, and Moon River’s beauty was perfectly placed with Ed Gerhard. But that’s just a start; many exciting and beautiful twists and turns await you on this marvelous theme collection. The complete list of songs and artists is below, but for starters, there’s Pat Donohue’s six gun attack on Peter Gunn and Doug Smith’s beautiful treatment of It’s Easy to Say, the love song from “10!” And speaking of Doug Smith, just to finish things off right, Doug and his Groovemaster partner Mark Hanson deliver a bonus duet of A Shot In The Dark. It’s all just too much fun to miss out on. And it a perfect gift, too!

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Doug Smith has the opening track on this follow-up to “Pink Guitar”. Doug Smith & Mark Hanson also have the only duet on the album.


Released: 2007 – Label: Solid Air Records


The follow-up to our GRAMMY winning Henry Mancini: Pink Guitar featuring many of the same players and many new artists from around the world!



All guitarists made their own creative touch to Cole Porter’s compositions. Eltjo Haselhoff’s interpretation of “You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To” impresses a lot, just like David Cullen does on “Night and Day”. Laurence Juber excels on “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and Jim Tozier on “Begin The Beguine”. Wayne Johnson’s approach to “Love For Sale” is brilliant. Just as Tim Pacheco’s contribution on “True Love”.

Henk te Veldhuis

Bridge Guitar Reviews


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Doug Smith has the sixth track on this follow-up to “Pink Guitar & Delovely Guitar”. Doug Smith & Mark Hanson also have the only duet on the album. The first track on this album features the great Tommy Emmanuel!

Released: 2009 – Label: Solid Air Records

POPPIN’ GUITARS: A TUNEFUL OF SHERMAN (Solid Air Records) — Producer James Jensen has compiled a lovely CD of acoustic guitar solos featuring the music of The Sherman Brothers. These tuneful, upbeat songs work amazingly well even without their indelible lyrics—or is it just that they’re so ingrained in my consciousness that I’m singing along in my head? Either way, this CD features the work of many fine musicians including Laurence Juber, Tommy Emmanuel, Al Petteway, Kenny Sultan, Greg Hawkes, Doug Smith, Mark Hanson, Pat Donohue (whom I listen to every week on A Prairie Home Companion), Jim Tozier, Eltjo Haselhoff, Elliot Easton, Mike Dowling, Nick Charles, and Tim Pacheco. Like an earlier Jensen offering (Delovely Guitar, a collection of Cole Porter tunes), this album serves as a reminder of how beautiful the guitar can sound when played by a master, without any rhythmic accompaniment. Every track is a treat, although I must single out Doug Smith’s exceptional performance of “Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag).” If you purchase the CD from amazon.com you’ll receive a behind-the-scenes DVD as well.

Leonard Maltin / LeonardMaltin.com

With “Poppin’ Guitars,” Solid Air turns in another well-conceived and elegantly produced collection of songs that highlight the iconic works of a classic songwriter, or, in this case, a songwriting team: the Sherman Brothers. Ironically, though their songs are etched in our collective conscious, Richard M. and Robert Sherman may not be the household names they probably deserve to be, especially when taking into consideration that their compositions provided the childhood soundtrack for several generations of Americans though their extensive work with Disney studios. Solid Air assembled 15 seminal works of the Shermans and enlisted some of the most smokin’ guitarists to create arrangements for solo guitar. The result is pure delight: Tommy Emmanuel passionate and pure on “Winnie the Pooh,” Laurence Juber his usual mind-blowing self on “A Spoonful of Sugar,” Greg Hawkes easing through “You’re Sixteen,” the accomplished Eltjo Haselhoff on “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” Nick Charles on “Chim Chim Cher-ee,” Al Petteway on “Hushabye Mountain,” and on and on. While the melodies are simple, the arrangements recreate these tales with a vividness that nearly startles with their visual coloring. But you don’t have to be a fan of Mary Poppins and Eeyore to appreciate this work — it’s animated and joyous enough to stand on its own. An accompanying bonus DVD includes footage from the creation of the CD. It opens with a fascinating segment of Tommy Emmanuel recording his take of “Winnie the Pooh,” followed by an interview with Emmanuel, who speaks openly and honestly from the heart. Another great segment is an interview with Laurence Juber, who explains the choices he made when creating his arrangement of “A Spoonful of Sugar.” Juber plays as he speaks, and it is just as cool as all get out. © Fred Kraus (Minor7th.com)

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Terry Robb, Mark Hanson, Doug Smith, Paul Chasman

Released: 1998 – Label: Accent on Music

Quartets, duos and solos from these hot Pacific NW fingerstylists. From sensitive to scorching! This album features Doug ripping through Guy van Duser’s arrangement of “Star’s and Stripes Forever”.


The debut CD from the Acoustic Guitar Summit.

A real highlight of the group’s first CD is their terrific medley of “Apache” and “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” (An arrangement that continues to grow and expand in concert.) Other quartet highlights include a stunning version of Mark’s arrangement of “The Water Is Wide,” Terry’s slide-guitar work on “Steel Guitar Rag,” Paul’s rave up of the Beatles’ “Lady Madonna,” and the Les Paul/Mary Ford classic “Bye Bye Blues.”

The CD also features a solo by each band member, plus several duets. Doug Smith’s performance of “Stars and Stripes Forever” never fails to bring down the house. Terry displays his award-winning blues fingerpicking style on “Cascade Lightning.” Paul shows off his jazzy licks and sense of humor in “Grandpa’s Boy,” and Mark’s depicts centuries-old Ireland with “Drake’s Passage.”

Titles: Bye Bye Blues; Apache/The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly; Sunday Sonata; Windy and Warm; Claire de Lune; Sweet Rotunda; Gramma Jean; Steel Guitar Rag; Drake’s Passage; Cascade Lightning; Grandpa’s Boy; Stars and Stripes Forever; The Water Is Wide; Lady Madonna

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Terry Robb, Mark Hanson, Doug Smith, Paul Chasman

Released: 2000 – Label: Bay View Music


The Acoustic Guitar Summit is made up of four of the country’s best acoustic fingerstyle guitarists. Their music has been heard on national television (Martha Stewart Living, Late Night with Conan O’Brien), major films (Twister, Moll Flanders) and National Public Radio.


Together the Acoustic Guitar Summit–Mark Hanson, Terry Robb, Doug Smith, and Paul Chasman–performs a wide range of music. A blistering original may lead into a tightly interwoven arrangement of a classic ballad like “What a Wonderful World” or “You Make Me Feel Brand New.” A gypsy jazz tune like Django Reinhardt’s “Nuages” may lead into their stunning version of the folk classic “The Water Is Wide.”

There is always fun at an AGS concert: High-energy treatments of tunes like “Lady Madonna” and “Sultans of Swing” may be juxtaposed with a tongue-in-cheek vocal tune like “Would You Like to Play the Guitar (and carry money home in a jar…).”


Hear them live on NPR’s “West Coast Live” the weekend of November 11, 2000, or get a copy of “Summit Meeting” and their first CD, “Acoustic Guitar Summit” (listed above).


“Summit Meeting” includes two Mark Hanson originals: Summit Meeting and Spouting Horn, plus the following: Nuages (Django Reinhardt), Muskrat Ramble, You Make Me Feel, Brand New Mystery Train, Embryonic Journey, Good Question, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Mr. Sandman, Would You Like To Play the Guitar, Sultans of Swing, What A Wonderful World.

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Released: 1999 – Label: l’embouchure


Nationally known fingerstyle guitarist, Doug Smith, and folk-rock acoustic guitarist, Don Mitchell, and jazz flutist, Judy Koch-Smith. All three sing solos and a wonderful blend of vocal harmonies, both two and three part harmonies. Some original pieces by Doug Smith. Great opportunity to hear Doug’s beautiful voice outside of a concert setting! Produced by Judy Koch.


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Released: 2002 – Label: SELF


<More great folk music from nationally known fingerstyle guitarist, Doug Smith, and folk-rock acoustic guitarist, Don Mitchell, and jazz flutist, Judy Koch-Smith. All three sing solos and a wonderful blend of vocal harmonies, both two and three part harmonies. Some original pieces by Doug Smith. You’ve got to hear Doug’s guitar work and Three Together’s harmonies on the famous CSN tune, ‘Suite: Judy Blue Eyes’. Another opportunity to hear Doug’s beautiful voice outside of a concert setting! Produced by Three Together.


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Released: 2006 – Label: SELF


Under Construction


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Released: 2000 – Label: Bay View Music




Released: 2001 – Label: Bay View Music


Conversations For Two Guitars
Paul Chasman, 1st guitar
Doug Smith, 2nd guitar
Hamilton Cheifetz, cello


Doug Smith plays classical guitar! Composer, Paul Chasman calls these pieces Conversations because that is how he thinks of them. Although he has used the labels “1st guitar and 2nd guitar,” this is more for the purpose of identification than to designate order of importance. His intention is to create two guitar parts that weave in and out of each other, harmonize, trade ideas, and respond to each other, much like a conversation. This intricate collection of amazing composition and playing definitely fulfills the goal! Visit Paul Chasman’s homepage for more info!


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Released: 1991 – Label: American Gramaphone


“On the origins of this deliciously relaxing album, Chip recalls: ‘One Sunday I started thinking about Sunday mornings and how they sound musically. The result of those musings is an album I hope will make your Sunday mornings as special to you as mine are to me.'”


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Released: 1992 – Label: American Gramaphone


“From first course to last, Dinner serves up a veritable feast for your dining pleasure. Light classical, smooth jazz, robust rhythms, savory strings – each adds a flavor that makes this album tempting indeed. Try it…and discover a taste sensation!”

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Released: 1992 – Label: American Gramaphone


“As Chip’s liner notes say: ‘Romance is for the couple. Romance is for the love of another. Romance is for yourself.’ Whatever meaning you attach to this magical emotion, if the mood is romantic, here’s the music it deserves.”

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Released: 1993 – Label: American Gramaphone


More relaxing reasons why Sunday Morning Coffee II should be part of your weekends. Hear a sunrise…a country meadow…a romantic autumn…a sweeping vista…a welcoming fireplace…a gentle stream…and other places and times that sustain Sunday’s ambiance as only American Gramaphone can.

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Released: 1997 – Label: American Gramaphone


“The mood goes on…with additional intimate expressions from the artists of American Gramaphone. Whether holding hands by candlelight or slow dancing in the dark, you’ll find memories are yours for the making with this evocative album.”

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